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This Lexicon provides facts from The Trouble with Fate and The Thing about Weres. It does not provide any spoilers for The Problem with Promises.

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The alpha is the leader of a wolf pack.


Amulets have the power to heal their owners. Both Merry and Ralph (the Royal Amulet) are amulets.


Anu is the thirteen year old daughter of Lexi Stronghold and a Raha’ell wolf who died at Anu’s birth. She is a half-breed Were/Fae and was raised as a Kuskador servant in Merenwyn’s Royal Court. Through her Fae blood from Aunt Lou’s line (Lexi’s Aunt) she possesses the Fae gift of being a Collector.

Arcadian Fields

This is where the Old Mage wants his soul to go when he dies.

Becci (Brenda)

Becci is a Halfling who was living in Toronto, split from her family and addicted to sun potion when Biggs met her. Since she would never reveal her true name (Brenda) he named her Becci. As Brenda she lived near Bradford with her boyfriend Knox.


Russell Biggs is a member of the Creemore wolf pack. He is small and a misfit who dresses like a rocker. He, Cordelia and Harry form Hedi’s wolf family while she is the alpha-by-proxy for Robson Trowbridge. He shot and killed Stuart Scawens in The Trouble With Fate, effectively saving Hedi and Trowbridge’s life.

Brenda (Becci)

Brenda Pritty is the true name of Becci.

Black Mage (Helzekiel)

The Black Mage is the third Mage of the Fae’s Royal Court in Merenwyn. His birth name is Helzekiel and what he was called when he an understudy for the Old Mage. He became the Mage of the court when the Royal Court sentenced the Old Mage to the Sleep of Forever. He renamed himself the Black Mage when he was appointed Mage of the Royal Court.

The Black Mage is less skilled than the Old Mage, and is corrupted by his lust for power and greed for magic. He has no tolerance for wolves or other races, or for anyone who ever thwarted him. His soul lives in a cyreath in Threall in a large oak tree.

Book of Spells

The Book of Spells was written by the Old Mage as a record of his knowledge and brilliance. When sentenced to the Sleep of Forever, he protected it with an invincible ward. It is in the Royal Court’s castle in Merenwyn, controlled by the Black Mage who is using Lexi to peel the wards off one-by-one off each page of the spells.

Bride Belt

The Bride Belt holds Fae tears and is worn by Hedi. It was her mother’s and a gift from her mother’s mother on the occasion of her marriage; a token to remember her Fae heritage and an acknowledgement of her transition from child to woman.


Candace Temple was Robson Trowbridge’s first wife whom he married the week after high-school graduation. They never successfully mated. She was killed along with his family the night that Hedi’s family was also killed.


She is a single female spirit who ghost who always remains within a walled off bit of land in the oldest part of the Creemore cemetery. Hedi can see her and has named her Casperella.

Cemetery (St. Luke)

Creemore’s cemetery is called St. Luke. It has three ghosts that Hedi can see. There is a fussy duet who live in the newer end and Casperella who lives in the oldest part  walled off from the rest of the cemetery.

Chiron House

This is a Merenwyn family that has green eyes like the DeLoren house. Hedi’s mother Roselyn is of the DeLoren family in Merenwyn.


A citadel is a tree that holds a Fae’s soul-ball (cyreath) in Threall.


This is a Fae gift that Aunt Lou possesses. Using voice and hands she calls metal so that it melts and rolls to her, collecting in a puddle by her feet. She can do it with all the seven: gold, copper, silver, lead, tin, mercury, and—this is where her talent was a real value for Merenwyn’s royal family— iron. Gold was valuable, silver was pretty, but iron was deadly to Fae. The goddess of the metals is called Ebrel


Cordelia Larue, whose birth name is Frank Evers, was given a safe place by Trowbridge’s father and became Trowbridge’s life-long friend. She is a wolf and a drag queen, and Hedi’s six-foot mother hen. She has an unusual ability to see Hedi’s magic.


Creemore, Ontario, Canada is the home for the Creemore wolf pack’s Alpha. It is an hour and half drive north of Toronto, just south of Georgian Bay, which is part of Lake Huron.


This holds a Fae’s soul-ball in their Citadel (tree) in Threall.

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Dawn, daughter of George and Lucy Danvers, is a member of the Creemore pack. She and Stuart Scawens have a relationship. She is killed by Hedi at the pond in The Trouble with Fate.


This is a small town west of Toronto and before Hamilton. Hedi lives with her Aunt Lou on Raymond Street, four blocks of flat grey brick storefronts leading towards the lake. They lived in the top apartment over a used book store called Twice Read Books. Bob is the blind owner of the store.

DeLoren House

Hedi’s mother was of the DeLoren house in Merenwyn.

Devil’s Spawn

The Devil’s Spawn is encountered by Hedi in Threall. He is a ten-year old boy and the Black Mage’s Mystwalker. He is killed by the Black Mage for his failure to kill Hedi.


This is the Fae goddess of the Seven. Aunt Lou and Anu are Collectors of the Seven metals.


Elorna was the daughter of the Old Mage. She fell in love with a leader of the Raha’ells and bore him a son named Lukynae. When she left the pack to return to the Faes and her father, she brought Lukynae with her. She begged the Old Mage to create a potion to hide Lukynae’s birthright. The Old Mage succeeded in creating sun potion.


Elizabeth is a French-Canadian witch who is part of a coven near Creemore. She and Natasha are called by Trowbridge to set a ward around the pond portal so that it can be opened without the wolves hearing or smelling the opening. She and her coven are angry with the wolves because they set a similar ward years ago and paid for it dearly. She and Natasha die on HW 400, executed by the biker (see Liam).


A were who briefly appears in The Trouble With Fate.

Fade, the

When Faes die, it is a gradual death where their powers fade away.

Fae Gifts

Fae’s have gifts of magic that comes into full power when a Fae reaches puberty. Being a Collector is an example of a Fae gift.

Fae Gold

Fae gold calls to Faes. It is not to be confused with mortal gold. Fae gold snickers at titanium’s relative weakness. It isn’t some dumb inanimate thing that just sits there, forever frozen in the shape that the artist had hammered it into. It’s alive. It can remold itself.

Fae Inner Circle

The Fae inner circle has friends of the Old Mage who are protecting his body while he is in the Sleep of Forever.

Fae Royal Court

The Fae Royal Court with its King resides in a castle in Merenwyn. The Court has a Mage, currently the Black Mage, who has considerable magic power. The Royal Court feels wolves are a sub-species and treat them as such, for example the Kuskador wolves farm and are servants to the Royal Court at the castle. The Fae Royal Court wants the Raha’ells destroyed. 

Fae Tear

A Fae tear are a rite of passage for Faes arriving at life events, for example when a Fae finds their true mate, at their birth of a child, or at the death of a loved one. They are about the size and shape of a tear-shaped diamond, pink but more generally brilliantly white ice. They are precious beyond words, very personal and private, and priceless. Hedi has her Fae tears and those of her mother’s in the Bride Belt.


Faes live in Merenwyn. They have magic powers that come into full strength upon puberty. They do not have a scent, unless wounded or lustful. They cannot tell an untruth, although they can misdirect. Their preferred food is anything sweet; for Hedi and Aunt Lou it is maple syrup. Anything technical, especially if it is wireless, is unreliable around a Fae. The touch from a mortal burns a female Fae—the result of some Mage spell that kicks in at birth—all because some person on the Royal Court started worrying that humans might foul their gene pool. This does not apply to Weres/Wolves.


Fatso is the tag given by Hedi to one of Knox’s men. He is a mountain of a man given to double negatives, who holds Hedi and ensures she is bound up tightly for the rigged kangaroo trial that Knox sets up in Creemore. You meet Fatso in The Thing about Weres.


Steellya is a ferret owned by the Black Mage and stolen by Lexi. You meet the ferret in The Thing about Weres.


Faes of royal blood lines and Alphas of a wolf pack can flare with their eyes. Flares can go either way. They can flood you with sense of knee-buckling love or they can be used to subject. If an Alpha’s flare is leveled at you with the sole intent of flattening you, say hello an awful wish to submit, to grovel and to plead. Many can flash only briefly. A full flare is not common, and is considered a mark of high nobility among the Fae.

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The Gatekeeper is a very small Fae who has been assigned to guard the safe portal and guide those who use it. She wants the opportunity to paint, which is not permitted in Merenwyn. She expresses visions of the future in her paintings. You meet the Gatekeeper in the Problem with Promises.

Great Council

The wolves of North America fall under the aegis of the Council of North American Weres (NAW) who in turn genuflect to the Great Council of Weres. The Great Council is the council of all the alpha wolves. They want the Treat of Brelland to remain in place so that there are no Fae in the mortal world. They want the Halfling and sun potion issue resolved.


A half-breed is half-Fae and half-Were. There has been some—very limited—interbreeding between the Fae and the wolf packs in Merenwyn. Hedi and Lexi are half-breeds, children of a Were and a Fae.


A Halfling is sired by a Were and born of a human. They are tracked and watched by the North American Weres (NAW). When ready for puberty, generally around 17 or 18, their Were instinct kicks in and they feel compelled to run north for the woods for their first change as a Were. However, they do not have the Were magic to heal and will be torn apart by the change. As puberty nears and their Were scent changes, their father follows the Halfling into the woods and kills the Halfling to avoid a horrible death.


Harry Windcombe is a Were who went rogue rather than serve under Mannus’ Alpha leadership. His ties are old and strong to the old pack under Trowbridge’s father. Trowbridge trusts him.

Hedi calls him Geezer-Were the first time she sees him. He becomes Hedi’s second-in-command when she takes over as alpha-by-proxy of the Creemore pack.


Hedi Peacock, formerly Helen Stronghold, is the daughter of Benjamin Stronghold, a Were, and of Roselyn, a Fae of the DeLoren House. Her twin brother is Lexi. Because they are twins, their fate is entwined. If she dies, he dies, and vice versa. They are half-blood and an abomination to Weres. While their father and uncle were alive they were under Alpha protection. Their uncle was the Creemore Alpha. After the massacre of the Stronghold family, she is protected by her Aunt Lou. They hide from the wolves for years. She considers herself Fae, keeping her wolf side on permanent lock down, fearing its wildness. Hedi’s One True Thing and mate is Trowbridge. Her emotional growth through this series is tied to her love for Trowbridge and the events that follow their search to rescue Lexi and the Raha’ells from Merenwyn. Hedi can flare because of her noble Fae blood line from her mother’s side. She has magic powers from her Fae side that emanate from her fingers. Like all Faes, human touch burns her and iron weakens her. Hedi is also a Mystwalker, a very rare and feared Fae power that allows her to fly to Threall, the world between Earth and Merenwyn.

Benjamin Stronghold

Benjamin is a Were and distantly related to the Alpha of Creemore. He married Roselyn a noble-born Fae. They had two children, the twins Helen and Lexi Stronghold. Benjamin Stronghold is killed by a power-hungry Were at the same time as Trowbridge’s family is killed.

Roselyn of the DeLoren House

Roselyn, called Rose by her husband Benjamin Stronghold, is a Fae. When she married Ben she took an oath to never cross the portal back into Merenwyn where the Faes live. She is killed by the Fae for her betrayal of that oath. The Fae falsely believe that it was she who opened the portal allowing the power-hungry Were to escape to Earth.

Helzekiel (Black Mage)

Helzekiel is the birth name of the Black Mage.


Iron is deadly for a Fae. Close proximity to it for the pure-blood Faes cause them to feel like they’ve been tipped into an arctic sea. They writhe in the teeth of terrible cold until they fall insensible and drift away into the endless sleep. For Hedi, contact produces biting cold, followed by deep fatigue that sinks into a dazed slumber. However it doesn’t kill her or take her into endless sleep. Iron has no effect on Weres. The Weres are vulnerable to silver.

Jacob Trowbridge

Jacob Trowbridge is the father of Robson Trowbridge (Bridge), the son of Stephen, and grandson of William. He and Mannus are the last of a long line of Alphas with connection to the Raha’ells.


He was the King of the first Royal Court. He appealed to the stars requesting that the life of his Mage be extended. His plea was granted and since that day, Mystwalkers are born with the kernel of desire to become the Nalera to their Mage—the single Mystwalker chosen to win the great honor of sharing the citadel of their soul (their Cyreath) with their Mage in Threall. The Nalera sustains the Mage.


Knox is a Were of the NAW, reporting to Reeve Whitlock. He knows of the Safe Passage and how to get sun potion in trade with the Gatekeeper. He is also Brenda’s (Becci) boyfriend. He leads the kangaroo trial in Creemore that is setup to eliminate Hedi, Harry, Cordelia, and Biggs. He is killed by Trowbridge when Trowbridge comes back through the portal.


The Kuskadors are one of three Merenwynian packs. When the Treaty of Brelland was formed, they chose to remain and submit to subjugation to the Fae. They were too closely tied to their farms to leave. They are also the servants in the Royal Court and heavy users of the sun potion.

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Lexi (The Shadow)

Lexi is Hedi’s twin. Because they are twins, their fate is entwined. If she dies, he dies, and vice versa. His full name is John Alexander Stronghold. On the night that the Fae arrived to kill Roselyn, their mother, he was taken as a captive back to Merenwyn by the Black Mage. He became known as the Black Mage’s Shadow because he followed the Black Mage never less than five paces behind him, never closer than two.  He has the Fae-born talent for acquisition, and always wants to possess magic. He can seen it and acquire it briefly before it fades from him. He hates his wolf side (Faes see wolves as a sub-species) and therefore uses sun potion to prevent his wolf from emerging at moon time. He is addicted to it when we meet him again in The Thing about Weres.


Liam is a biker with a biker group in the Toronto and Creemore area. Itchy and Gerry are part of his group. He works for Reeve Whitlock, the head of the NAW. He is a shape shifter who can turn into a raven.  We meet him up close in The Problem with Promises.


Lou is Hedi’s aunt, Roselyn’s sister. She is known as Louise Rogers in the mortal world. Lou has the Fae Collector gift, able to call the seven metals to her. She wears a small green ring on her baby finger that allows her to tell lies. She found Hedi the night that her family was killed and Lexi was taken to Merenwyn. She tried for a long time to re-open the portal, but never could. Lou is mated to Mannus, Alpha of the Creemore Pack. This is known by less than a handful.


Lukynae is the son of a mating between leader of Raha’ells and Elorna, daughter of the Old Mage, in a time long ago in Merenwyn.  When Lukynae was ten or twelve he and his mother returned to the Faes. His mother asked her father, the Old Mage, to create a potion to hide his wolf side. The Old Mage created the sun potion to prevent the wolf moon-time change, but Lukynae chose to be wolf. When he grew up he left the court and created a rebel group of wolves. He was eventually captured and exiled to mortal world with most of the Raha’ells as part of the Treaty of Brelland. Trowbridge is known as the son of Lukynae in Merenwyn as he comes from the Raha’ell line.


She is the Mystwalker of Threall, bound to the Old Mage. Her birth name is Tyrean and her lover is Simeon. He remains in Merenwyn guarding her body. She lives beside his Citadel in Merenwyn. She can no longer leave Threall; with time Mystwalkers lose their ability to return to Merenwyn. See also Jalo and Mystwalkers.


A mage is a very powerful Fae with extraordinary powers. Over all time, there have been only three Mages for the Royal Court: the first Mage, the Old Mage and the Black Mage. They live very long lives. Each Mage has had a single Mystwalker chosen amongst many to share their soul with their Mage. Should the mystwalker agree to such a union, she becomes his nalera.

Mannus Trowbridge

Mannus is the Alpha of Creemore, uncle to Trowbridge. He does not possess a natural flare; he acquired it from his time in Merenwyn. His mate is Lou. He was the wolf that came through the portal on the night of the massacre and he was the wolf who committed the murders so that he could be the Alpha of Creemore. While Lou is fading Mannus’ flare weakens. In The Trouble with Fate he is determined to find Lou and the amulet that opens the Portal so he can return to Merenwyn. Mannus dies when Lou slams shut the pond portal gate.

Mating Knot

Trowbridge has his first mating knot with Hedi. He never had this mating know with Candy, his first wife.

Mate and Mating Ritual

A Were mates for life. If one dies, the other dies. There is a mating ritual in which blood is exchanged over sacred words between the two.


Merenwyn, a separate world above Earth (mortal land) and above Threall, is ruled by the Fae. It can be accessed from Earth through portals that Fae can use and a safe passage that Weres can use. (However, access between Earth and Merenwyn was prohibited by the Treaty of Brelland.) Most of Merenwyn is virgin forest with brilliant blue skies and fields of long grasses that are impossibly green. There are rivers and lakes fed by mountain streams. Merenwyn has no technology, but a lot of magic. Merenwyn days are faster than mortal days. One earth day is roughly the equivalent of eighteen mortal days.


Merry is an amber amulet that was placed on Hedi by her mother just before she died. She is Hedi’s friend; there is an unbreakable plait of dependency, love and friendship between them. Hedi takes care of her, ensuring she is fed. She feeds on and prefers the taste of plants and trees, but she can borrow from Hedi in a pinch. In return she heals Hedi after Hedi uses her magic give. Merry was an Asrai of the Fae world, but was enslaved inside a piece of amber long before Hedi was born. She hates Lou for this reason. As a rule she is a bit persnickety, even bitchy. But she is Hedi’s true friend. When she meets Ralph, the Royal Amulet, she becomes focused on and ferociously protective of him.


A Mystwalker is a Fae who has the ability to send and receive dreams. A very few Faes are born with this gift. Fae search for children born with the gift of walking into other’s dreams and bring them to the King’s court where their gifts are tested. If they don’t have enough raw talent, they’re killed. If they pass the test,  they become wards of the court and are trained to walk in the Threall mysts to do things there that Faes consider soul destroying: steal others’ gifts; plant seeds of madness in their enemies’ heads. Some die young. Some are driven mad. Others disappear into Threall, leaving their body to die in Merenwyn. When trained by a Mage, a Mystwalker can create a second body in Threall and become a Mage’s Nalera. Over time this Mystwalker loses the ability to return to Merenwyn. Hedi is a natural-born Mystwalker.

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A Nalera is a Mystwalker chosen from many to share their soul with their Mage’s so that they can sustain the Mage’s life. For the binding to be complete, the Mage’s cyreath is brought to the Mystwalkers citadel (tree in Threall) and placed on the Mystwalker’s cyreath (soul-ball). The cyreaths merge into one. As a Nalera, the Mystwalker is horribly naked, vulnerable to the Mage. Every secret, every weakness, everything thing you hide from others, is there, accessible for the mage’s interest and use. In The Thing About Weres, Hedi becomes Old Mage’s Nalera when she saves his soul-ball from his burning tree in Threall. However, the Old Mage is forced to switch to Lexi as Nalera because Lexi’s sun potion addiction will shortly kill him. Should Lexi die, Hedi will die, and the Mage will not have another Nalera. Only by saving Lexi from his addiction, can the Old Mage have his Nalera.

Natasha Sedgewick

Natasha is a witch in the Toronto / Creemore coven. She and her colleague Elizabeth respond to Trowbridge’s request to place a ward around the pond portal so that the portal opening sounds and scents will not alert the Creemore pack when they send Lexi back to Merenwyn. She and Elizabeth die on HW 400, executed by the biker (see Liam).

North American Wolves (NAW)

The hierarchy is simple. The wolves of North America fall under the aegis of the Council of North American Weres, who in turn genuflect to the Great Council of Weres. Trowbridge’s ascension as Alpha of Creemore has to be approved by the NAW. Whitlock is president of the NAW.

Old Mage (Eelphias)

The Old Mage is the second and the last of the great wizards of the Royal Court. He is in the Sleep of Forever, a punishment given to him by the Royal Court because he created sun potion.

While his body is in Merenwyn, his soul-ball (cyreath) and his tree (citadel) are guarded by the Mad-one in Threall. The Old Mage is preening proud of his magic skills and knowledge. He wrote the Book of Spells to record all his brilliance and he cherishes it. However he will destroy it to protect the spells from the Black Mage and to earn forgiveness from his Maker who had warned him of his over weaning pride. The Old Mage is cunning and devious. Above all he wants to live.

Petra  Scawens

Petra is the daughter of Rachel and brother of the late Stuart Scawens. She has Alpha potential.

Pool of Life

The Pool of Life is in Merenwyn and visible from the Pond Portal. It has exceptional restorative Fae healing powers. It is held as sacred by the Fae and the wolves that remain in Merenwyn. The Raha’ells, one of the wolf packs remaining in Merenwyn, are driven by instinct to drink from the Pool of Life at moon-time. Most resist, but the young can falter and are trapped by the Fae for execution in a Spectacle.


Portals exist between Merenwyn and Earth. They were created by the Old Mage. At the time of the Treaty of Brelland, the portals were closed and keyed to the blood signatures on the Treaty. As a result, they only open to those with Fae blood. You can open a portal only if you know the song and have an amulet. You can cross only if you have Fae blood and an amulet to guide you. Crossing is a violent experience. You expect to cross a flat plateau from Earth to Merenwyn, but instead your body is pulled upwards at a great speed. It’s terrifying, even if you’ve been told to expect it. If you lose focus, you can be pulled into the wind and killed. One of the portals exists over the pond in Creemore.

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Rachel Scawens

Rachel is Trowbridge’s sister. She is the mother of Petra and the late Stuart.  She is an exceptional tracker.


The Raha’ells are one of three Were packs of Merenwyn. They are hunters and the fiercest of the packs. There are not a lot of them in Merenwyn, but they are considered a nuisance, rebels who must be hunted to the ground. The original leader of the Raha’ells was Lukynae. He and much of his pack settled in Creemore when they were exiled from Merenwyn by the Treaty of Brelland. Trowbridge is a Raha’ell through his father. He becomes the Alpha of the Raha’ells when in Merenwyn in The Thing about Weres.

Ralph (Royal Amulet)

Ralph is an amulet found by Trowbridge at the pond portal the night of the massacre and ever since worn by Trowbridge. Ralph is the name is bestowed by Hedi when she takes care of him. In Merenwyn he is called the Royal Amulet. He is astonishingly beautiful when not sullen.  Like Merry he is an entrapped Asrai, in this case a Prince. In Merenwyn the Royal Amulet is also called Opener of Doors as this amulet is able to open the Safe Passage. There is a large reward from King of the Royal Court for its return to Merenwyn. The Black Mage also wants it because it can open all portals, and as long Trowbridge is able he will not permit the Black Mage to have it and then travel through all portals and the safe passage.

Royal Amulet (Ralph)

The Royal Amulet is an amulet found by Trowbridge at the pond portal the night of the massacre and ever since worn by Trowbridge. He is called Ralph by Hedi when she takes care of him after sending Trowbridge to the Pool of Life in Merenwyn. He is a Prince of Asrai entrapped in a perfectly round, light blue jewel, carefully set in the middle of Celtic/Byzantine artwork. He is astonishingly beautiful when not sullen. In Merenwyn he is also called Opener of Doors as he is able to open the Safe Passage. There is a large reward from King of Court for Royal Amulet’s return to Merenwyn. The Black Mage wants it, and as long Trowbridge is able he will not permit the Black Mage to have it and then travel through all portals and the safe passage.

Safe Passage

This is a secret portal between Earth and the Fae’s world. It is located at the Peach Pitt, just off of Highway 400 north of Toronto. The Safe Passage was never closed when the portals were closed. Keyed to recognize and accept Were blood, it is guarded by the Gatekeeper, a Fae in the Royal Court. Unlike a portal, it does not open to the Merenwynian song. It opens from Earth’s side with wolf blood and a special coin, and without sound, smoke and scent.

Shadow (The) (Lexi)

Hedi’s brother Lexi is known as the Shadow in Merenwyn because he followed the Black Mage like a shadow, no closer than two feet and no farther than five feet from the Black Mage.


Silver is debilitating – killing to a Were. It is utterly harmless to the Fae. The Fae are weakened by Iron.


Simeon is the lover of Tyrean (Mad-one). When the Old Mage took her permanently to Threall to guard his soul-ball, Simeon vowed to take her body to a place of safety and guard it at the price of his own, keeping her body alive for her return. (see The Thing About Weres) In Threall, Mad-one sits beside his citadel, an old beech tree.

Sisters (The)

The Sisters is the name for the coven of witches that Trowbridge has used.

Spectacle (The)

The Spectacle is an event in Merenwyn that is held in a palisade that surrounds a half acre of land, on the north side of the Royal Court’s castle. From an elaborate grandstand, lined with guards, the Royal Court watches the spectacles where people are executed by being released from a pen to the wolves held within the palisade. These wolves never have enough food or water and when the person is released will kill for food. 

Stuart Scawens

Stuart Scawens is eighteen, the son of Rachel Scawens and brother of Petra, when he is killed by Biggs in The Trouble with Fate.

Sun Potion

Sun potion was created by the Old Mage for his grandson Lukynae so he could ignore the call of the moon and not transform into a wolf. It led to a civil war when Lukynae left the Royal Court for his Raha’ell pack and took the sun potion with him. He set up a rebel Raha’ell pack that revolted against the Fae. The Royal Court sent the Old Mage to the Sleep of Forever for his transgression – the creation of sun potion that supported the civil war.  Sun potion heals all wounds if given in time. For the Wolf it is only a drug with a distinctive stink that allows them to ignore the moon-time call. The Kuskador pack in Merenwyn are frequent users. For the Faes it is a feel good drug that becomes an addiction and eventually kills. For Halflings like Becci (Brenda) it is essential because with it they can avoid the wolf change that will kill them. But it is an addiction for them and erodes their intelligence over several short months. For Whitlock it is the cash you can make by selling the drug to the parents of Halflings.

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These are how Faes can communicate with each other.  Blood relatives can share a mental snapshot or two with each other, should both parties be agreeable. It is felt physically like a soft nudge to which you open your mind. Hedi, her mother and Lexi used thought-pictures. Lou does not allow thought-pictures between herself and Hedi.


Between Earth and Merenwyn there is a realm called Threall where the souls of drowsing Faes hang from ancient trees. Each tree, called a citadel, holds one cyreath (soul-ball) for one Fae. In Threall, Hedi and Lexi’s soul-balls (cyreaths) are in two oak trees (citadels) that grow from a common root. The Old Mage’s is held in a huge, old, dying oak tree. The Black Mage’s is in a huge oak tree beside the Old Mage’s tree. Threall is considered sacred—not a place anyone can visit. There is no portal to Threall. Only Mystwalkers can travel to and within this realm of bluish mists moving in streams over its flat surface. Where the landscape should continue there is nothing but a vast blue sky and the portal to Merenwyn, a white plume that rushes straight up from Earth to Merenwyn some fifty feet from the edge of Threall.

Treaty of Brelland

This treaty was written hundreds of years before present day. In the beginning, the Weres and Fae shared Merenwyn. Fighting for many generations spilled blood on both sides to the point that more people were being killed than being born. It stopped being a race war and became an economic issue; declining population meant less people to work the fields. So the two sides brokered a deal. Three of the four wolf packs negotiated with the Fae for safe passage to this world. (The Kuskadors decided to stay in Merenwyn.)  In exchange no Were from these packs, or any of their succeeding generations, would be able to use the portals to pass back to the Fae realm. To back that up the Alpha of each gave a blood sample, which the Mage used to alter the portal’s magic. From that day on no Were could either call or cross the portals (gates) of Merenwyn.

Trowbridge (Robbie) (Bridge) (son of Lukynae)(Alpha of Creemore)

Robson Trowbridge is the son of Jacob Trowbridge, grandson of Stephen, great grandson of William, the last in a long line of Alphas. His father was the Alpha of the Creemore pack and was massacred with his family the night the pond portal opened (The Trouble with Fate). His uncle is Mannus, the Alpha of the Creemore pack. He was eighteen to Hedi’s twelve, when he married Candace Temple, who was killed with his parents and brother that night. He left after the massacre, living with the free-will Weres in BC where there are not many rules, but good people. He came back to Creemore at the request of his sister Rachel to help with his nephew Stuart. However, when he came back he meets Hedi, and so the story unfolds.

Trowbridge manse

The Trowbridge manse with its gabled grandeur is in Creemore. It was Trowbridge’s home when growing up. Behind it is an abandoned cow pasture where the wolves gather at moon time. North and west are woods. West in the cemetery and south is the ridge over the pond.

Tyrean (Mad-one)

Tyrean is the birth name of the Mad-one, the Old Mage’s Mystwalker in Threall. Her lover and the guardian of her body in Merenwyn is Simeon.


A ward is a magic spell.

Were Senate

See NAW and Great Council

Weres (Wolves)

Weres live like humans, but change to wolf form at moon time. Some of the stronger Alphas can change outside of moon time. All Weres can scent and hear very well. In fact they can hear someone’s heartbeat and tell if they are stressed or lying. They can’t swim; hate water. They are very warm to touch and heal very fast. In fact they are a bitch to kill. They always come back unless you take their head off or gut them with silver. Silver is deadly to them. They mate for life, so if a mate dies, the other follows, sometimes right away, sometimes a few months later. Weres think like a pack. For them it is always about status – who is higher, who is lower. The Alpha rules.


Reeve Whitlock is the leader of the North American Council of Wolves (NAW) and in a serious conflict with the Greater Council. The Greater Council suspects embezzlement and is investigating.


The Sisters is what the pack calls a certain coven of witches who practice the dark arts. They are the coven called upon to set up a ward around the pond portal the night that the wolf returned from Merenwyn and the same coven that Trowbridge called to set up a similar ward around the pond years later. Elizabeth and Natasha are witches from that coven.