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Index to Characters, Places and Events in the the series.

As the series has grown, so has the world. If you're having difficulty remembering who's who, or what the Safe Passage is, please check the index, which is found under the Books navigation. Alternatively, click here, and you'll go there!

Videos & Photos

The People and Places in Hedi’s World
Hedi Peacock is distinctly Canadian. I couldn’t write her any other way—I’m Canadian, and the sight of my flag makes me soul-happy.  That’s just one of the reasons I chose locales within a comfortable distance of my own home. Listen to this video, and I’ll tell you of a few others.



Is there really a place called Creemore?
Yes, Virginia, there really is a village called Creemore—it’s located in Simcoe County, about an hour north west of Toronto. Should you choose to visit, I doubt you’ll find a single Were. However, time spent there would not be wasted.  You’ll find scads of other local entertainment—galleries, restaurants and book stores.  Try to schedule in time to take the tour of its local brewery! The tour is supposed be a lot of fun.

And no. There is not a single Trowbridge family buried in their graveyard—so let’s remember that it’s a sacred place, okay?  

It’s fiction, folks!

How about the University of Toronto? Does that exist too?
Yup. It’s a sprawling, top-drawer university located in Toronto, Ontario.  I wonder if any of the U of T people will recognize this courtyard? 


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Perspiring Authors

People are frequently surprised to discover that I didn’t start seriously writing until the fall of 2008.  Read the series of blogs I wrote charting my progress from couch potato to published author: For Perspiring Authors

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