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1.  Hedi is very different than you - she's a 20-something barista.  Where do find the inspiration for the Hedi character?

 I wanted to write about a young female character who was NOT kick-ass. Someone who thought she had loser stamped on her forehead. Why? Because I like stories of redemption and new-found callings. Yes, I had plans for my girl—but first I had to find her. For 18 months I tried. In my first book attempt, she was time traveller. In the second, she was witch. By the third, she’d turned into a polite heroine with occasional sparks of snark. Finally—the day I decided to hell with all the good-writing rules—she spoke to me. Right into my ear. She said, “What do tree huggers call it?”
I wrote that down. I knew I’d found my girl.

2.  How many books do you envision for the Mystwalker series?

I’m signed for four books. Beyond that? Well, there is one story I’m dying to write, based in that world.

3.  When will the other books be released?  What is the reading order?

Book 1: The Trouble With Fate:  December 24th, 2012
Book 2: The Thing About Weres:  August 2013
Book Three:  May 2014
Book Four:  date under discussion

4.  How did you come up with the name Hedi Peacock?

Lou turned to her. “This ends today,” she snapped. “Helen Stronghold is dead. Choose another name.”  
Helen stopped in her tracks. She was tired, her feet hurt and she hadn’t eaten for five hours. Her fingers found the sharp peak of her Fae ear. She stroked it twice, thinking hard.
“Now!” said Lou.
Mum’s favourite actress had been Hedi Lamarr. “My name is Hedi,” she said, her mouth suddenly dry.
Lou nodded. “Mortals have two names. Hedi what?
Her aunt wanted another? Hedi stared at the cube van waiting at the lights, knowing that Lou’s thin patience had reached its daily limit. Three days on the road with a disgruntled Fae had taught her the warning signs.
I’m sorry, Dad.
The van driver looked about Dad’s age. Maybe older. Hard to tell with mortals. His vehicle was painted cornflower blue, with the company’s name picked out in an ornate gold script. Peacock Designs.   
Hedi swallowed. “My name is Hedi Peacock.”

5.  Why is the Trouble With Fate based in Toronto?

Simple answer: because I live in Toronto.

6.  Before you became a published writer, you raised a family.  Did you always know you'd eventually become a full-time author?

I always knew I could write a book, but I’d given up on the idea of actually doing so by my forties. Years of pointing to things and asking for “That thing over there” had eroded my language skill. Not only that, but a couple of decades as a stay-at-home Mom had given my self-esteem a battering. Cut to age 50. I was watching Oprah. I’d seen the show before, but still—there I was, lounging on the couch, watching it again. That’s when the thought came to me, “I could lay here for the rest of my life. Watching Oprah.”
As much as I respect that lady, that wasn’t the way I wanted to spend the rest of my life. I went back to school and took creative writing classes. That’s where I learned that it was all right to suck on your first draft. Just keep going. You’ll get better.

7.  Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

 To dip into a little Yoda speak: Stop thinking. Do.

8.  I would like to send you a letter or write you an email.  How do I contact you?

For the 411, check out my contact page. I look forward to hearing from you!

9.  Will you read my manuscript?

Sorry, I can’t. It’s taking all I have to keep up with my publisher’s deadlines. Add to that legal considerations, and it becomes impossible. However, there are places where you can get a balanced opinion. Look for creative writing classes, online critique groups, or writer’s associations. Enter a contest. Find someone knowledgeable about writing whose opinion you trust.

10.  Can I interview you for my blog?

Sure. Check out my contact page for details.